Arke prides itself on taking a strategic approach with our clients. It’s one of the things that differentiates us and helps us stand out within our partner channels.

With Sitecore accounts, for example, we start by showing clients how the technology can help them reach their goals. We also explain how Sitecore serves as an anchor technology to advance better customer experience (CX).

Sitecore’s experience management software combines content management, commerce, and customer insights. Arke is a Sitecore platinum implementation partner.

3 Companies Doing CX Right

Let’s think about customer experience for a second. All businesses now compete against the expectations set by the most customer-centric businesses on the planet.

Even though these companies represent just a sliver of all business, they shape customer expectations. They raise the bar and make it harder for other companies to keep their customers satisfied.


Take Amazon, a company that provides us basically everything in the world we need. It sends products to our homes, often before we even need them. Most of us have very deep relationships with Amazon, even though it’s all rooted in technology. Amazon makes this digital relationship personal by providing customers ease of use and convenience.


Now let’s think about Delta Air Lines. My mom wishes she knew as much about my schedule as Delta does. The airline knows where I’m going, when I’m going, and when I booked my ticket. It sends me all the information I need to know — and I don’t even have to ask. Delta not only sends push notifications about my flight status, boarding time, and the whereabouts of my bags. It also provides more information on an easy-to-use mobile app.


My third example is TurboTax. So I filed some taxes last year and right out of the gate the program asked me, “How do you feel about this?” The company takes a very easy experience a step further by asking about my state of mind.

If you respond, “I feel good about filing my taxes,” then TurboTax will say something like “We feel great, too. We file millions of returns every year.” If you express concern or trepidation, then it immediately reassures you. It’ll say something like, “Oh, we totally understand. But maybe it’ll make you feel better to know our average customer rating is a 4.8 out of 5 stars. So don’t worry. We’re going to take you through this whole process step by step.”

The company works hard to understand your emotions and give peace of mind as you prepare your taxes.

Companies like these are opening the door to new levels of customer experience. And now all companies — business-to-business as well as business-to-consumer — have to live up to these rising expectations.

For businesses today, the lesson is clear. You have to design customer experiences that are at least as good as what other companies in your industry offer.

How Arke Engages Its Clients

So what does this customer experience look like from the client perspective?

When we conduct a client engagement, we start with strategy. We’ll map the customer journey to create a roadmap — a clear path to improvement. We consider multiple variables. How can the company get more customers? What about keeping existing customers? How can it help its customers make the most of the products or services they have bought?

There are multiple steps to the process.

First, we help the company understand its customers. So we think about personas. Does the company primarily cater to millennials or an older demographic? Where are these customers located? How much are they spending?

Once we understand that data then we start thinking about customer behavior and opportunities. Do the customers know exactly what they want and typically go straight to transaction? If so, let’s not make them go through a long process to get there.

During our client engagements, we often bring together people in a room for the first time. It’s insightful to get people from across the organization talking about shared issues.

By connecting people from marketing and IT, for example, both sides expand their horizons. The IT folks learn more about customer experience, and the marketing people gain knowledge about data and data analytics.

It’s a great way to generate alignment around shared goals.

4 Components of Better Experience

To understand how to get a company where it wants to go, we assess where it is now. To do that we create some benchmark scores. We also do some competitive analysis and assess the company’s capabilities across people, processes, technology, and data.

Ideally, companies are:

  1. Engaging all of their employees, their first customers. We suggest reaching across the organization. Bring in marketing, sales, support, IT, and representatives of your other constituencies. Don’t try to transform in a vacuum. Many of employees are already thinking the way you are.
  2. Leveraging a tool like Arke’s Journey Mapping Framework to design at least one persona journey. We invite them to start small and articulate the shortcomings of their journey. For more help on how to use this framework, click here.
  3. Building a technology map to accurately assess tools they own and how they use them. We look for value in the systems they have already purchased through enhanced integration opportunities.
  4. Using the most valuable data (MVD) — the data that matters most to your customer and to your business. Our mantra is “think like your customer.” Find out more about Arke’s Data Practice.

‘Fantastic at Sitecore’

Change is always hard. At Arke, we recognize that reality by employing best practices to help our clients manage organizational change. We examine what transformation looks like and how clients can take incremental steps to improvement. We help them manage the whole process, with the support of the right technologies.

Arke is fantastic at Sitecore, and we pride ourselves on helping our clients get the most from their implementations. It goes well beyond technical competency.

We focus on outcomes. Through a strategic approach rooted in Sitecore, we drive lasting business transformation. Ultimately we help our clients create exceptional brand experiences that align with their goals.

Learn more about how Arke uses Sitecore to help clients deliver great brand experiences. Want to chat? Email Margaret Wise for more information.

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