Amanda Wemette talks data

Amanda Wemette

Amanda Wemette is manager of Global Fuse Communications at Duluth, Georgia-based AGCO, a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment. Fuse is AGCO’s precision agriculture strategy and technology platform.

At the 3rd annual Arke CX Summit in Atlanta, she shared her insights on the importance of customer experience (CX).

Data Supports Great CX

“The products companies produce today are becoming harder and harder to differentiate from a competitive standpoint. So the real opportunity now lies with experience. How can you provide that next level of service? How can you better anticipate the needs of your customers? What can you do to make their lives easier?

“Today, regardless of the industry, there’s no shortage of data. The challenge is analyzing that data and actually taking action with it.

“The influence we’re seeing from big data and personalization is what makes customer experience so interesting and fascinating today. It’s affecting customers’ perceptions and their expectations. They expect you to anticipate their needs — to already know a little something about them before you even get a chance to put out your messages.”

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