Jamie miller

Jamie Miller

Jamie Miller is digital marketing manager for operations at D.R. Horton, America’s largest new home builder. He manages all of the company’s digital marketing technology, operations, and infrastructure.

Better Website Experience

“We want the customer experience we provide to be smooth ability at every stage in the home buying process.

“Customer experience reflects all the interactions a person has with a company’s products, services, people, stakeholders. It’s the experiences they have leveraging our products and services, online and offline.

“So take a website, for instance. How can the customer engage with information? Is the website easy to use? Is the experience they have on the website going to resonate with them and help build our brand?

“To improve our website experience, we had to address a problem. Consumers coming to our site were leaving very quickly. So we were in essence, causing our biggest loss of customers internally.

“We had to take a step back and take the time to really understanding our buyers. We had to build their customer journey and the personas, and then build the site in a way that really serves the customer. By doing that we created a website they don’t want to leave.”

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