Michelle Montgomery

Michelle Montgomery

Michelle Montgomery is VP of marketing communications for Beautyrest at Atlanta-based Serta Simmons Bedding Co., North America’s largest bedding manufacturer.

For purchases like mattresses, she said it’s important for brands to build customer relationships long before a decision to purchase is made.

Connect for the Long-Term

“Customer experience is the journey your consumers are taking to learn more about your company and, ideally, become an advocate for your brand … It’s very important to us as a business because it’s the core of how we stay relevant and meaningful.

“In the mattress industry, customer experience, to be frank, has not been great historically. So for Serta Simmons bedding and for the Beautyrest brand specifically, we try to make sure we’re improving the experience.

“How do we connect with our potential consumers before they even think that they need a mattress, connecting with their passion points and the higher order of sleep and have them think Beautyrest?

“Their first experience with us has to be more about what can we deliver that’s making a connection and making something meaningful to them, and being relevant to them. Ultimately, when they need to purchase a mattress, how do we influence the experience so Beautyrest is meaningful and relevant?”

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