Kelly Brock

Kelly Brock

Kelly Brock is marketing director for the industrial and automotive segment for Atlanta-based United Parcel Service (UPS). She leads a team that facilitates growth across the US through industry segmentation strategies.

Reinvent to Keep Your Customers

“Even though we’re an older company — 110 years old, to be precise — we constantly have to reinvent ourselves.

“We couldn’t stay in business for 110 years without constantly changing to meet the expectations of our customers and what the market demands.

“At UPS our business is all about delivering, delivering on time, and meeting our customers’ expectations. So it’s very important that we do what we promise and we deliver for you. To me, that means we anticipate the needs of our customers. We want to give our customers the right product or the right service at the right time.

“And we make it personal. We understand what your business is looking for, whether that’s a home-based business or a business-to-business company. We deliver, obviously. But we also aim to provide our customers the ease and comfort that the items they ship will arrive on time and as promised. That allows businesses and individuals to focus on other things.

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