Customer journey maps illustrate the steps your customers navigate to engage with your company. They’re one of the most important programs you can initiate to put your customers at the forefront of your operations.

At its Digital Marketing Conference in San Diego last month, Gartner analysts stressed the value of customer journey mapping. They defined them as frameworks to create and measure programs and campaigns. But just as importantly, they help keep companies focused on customers rather than themselves.

To find out more about the practical application of customer journey mapping, we caught up with Jamie Miller.

Miller is digital marketing manager for operations at D.R. Horton, America’s largest new home builder. He manages all of the company’s digital marketing technology, operations, and infrastructure.

Creating Journey Maps

What are the biggest challenges for businesses trying to master customer experience?

“It’s challenging for businesses to truly understand their customers. We always felt like we knew our customers. But until we mapped their journeys, we didn’t know the stumbling blocks that they were facing. We didn’t understand exactly what they were looking for.

What happened once you started creating customer journey maps?

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“Once we mapped the customer journey, it really opened our eyes. We thought we knew our customers. But there were a lot of surprises and we gained a lot of insights. We learned where our customers search for and learn about our product.

“It’s not as cut and dry as that at 5 pm, a potential homebuyer goes online to do a certain amount of research. We learned how much our customers are empowered by mobile technology. They’re doing research at all times.

“Now we clearly understand exactly what we need to deliver to our customers. Journey mapping put us on the right track to meet our customers’ needs.”

CX Is a Journey

What’s the most important advice you can offer another business just starting off a customer experience journey?

“The most important things are really understanding your customers and your strategic objectives. One of the challenges we’ve overcome was recognizing that customer experience itself is a journey.

“Sometimes you have to step back and reset because you don’t know everything. It’s important to reassess, redefine your objectives, and make sure you’re delivering on each one of those.”

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