Excellent, effortless customer experience is easy to discuss but hard to provide. It takes a strategic approach and the right alignment of people, processes, technology, and data, said Arke Co-Founder and CEO Eric Stoll.

As Stoll explained, Arke starts with the end in mind and asks its clients to focus on the business problems they hope to solve. Once the objectives are clear the Arke helps clients develop strategic plans that enable them to make decisions that drive desired actions.

Then and only then can we determine the best ways to use and integrate digital technologies, Stoll said.

A strategic plan helps turn disparate technologies into an integrated system that drives revenue, makes the best use of your marketing investments, and improves experiences for both customers and employees.

Helping Clients Succeed

We asked Stoll several questions to learn more about the goal of effortless customer experience.

How does Arke deliver on the promise of customer experience?

“We look at it from many different angles, including personas and customer journeys. We aim to create a digital version of the brand that meets customers where they’re trying to do business.

“But we also come at it from a technology point of view. The problems that we’re solving and the brands that we’re bringing to life are typically very large. Consequently, they face a lot of enterprise challenges from a technology point of view. By coming at it from both of those angles, we create an incredible experience for customers.”

How do you assess a company’s digital maturity?

“Companies are definitely at different levels of digital maturity. Even very large companies we work with can be mature in many regards and very immature in other ways.

“Organizationally, they may not be ready to adopt all the technology, content and experiences it takes to meet customers today. They may have challenges scaling some of their technology or creating enough content or personalization to get the full value of the platforms we’re enabling. But at the same time, they have a wealth of brand capital and research, as well as customers we can interview.”

What’s it take to get buy-in for digital transformation?

“Companies absolutely need buy-in from the C-suite and from the board. Digital transformation is not a one-time event. It’s not a single investment.

“It is not something that one executive is going to apply budget to one time. It’s an ongoing investment. You have to iterate and continue to work on getting better.”

Next Steps to Effortless Experience

Arke Co-Founder and CMTO Chris Spears said companies should optimize the way their technologies work together and focus on how they will ultimately change the way people work.

What’s more, companies need to make sure their employees can successfully work with any new technologies by offering demonstrations and training.

“The big question to ask is ‘How can new and existing technology improve the lives of your employees, your customers, your partners, your suppliers, and other stakeholders?” Spears said.

Consider engaging Arke for a Marketing Technology Alignment or MTA. MTAs help businesses navigate to better brand experience by thoroughly measuring experiences, people, process, technology, and data maturity.

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