Arke is growing — and plans to double the number of employees in the next two years. But even as the company grows, the co-founders remain committed to a fun, people-first culture.

For CEO Eric Stoll and CMTO Chris Spears, that means nurturing trust and engagement — through excellent leadership, clear communication, and full transparency.

“We’ve created a culture of honesty, trust, humbleness, hard work and authenticity,” Stoll said.

Building on Values

Sharlyn Lauby is author of the HR Bartender blog and president of ITM Group Inc., a  training and human resource consulting firm. She said great places to work are built on values and how they’re defined.

“Organizations that want to excel in today’s competitive business environment must build cultures based on their values. They need to live those values and protect them as the business grows,” she added.

According to Deloitte’s seventh annual Millennial Survey, younger individuals want to work for an organization that aligns with their personal values and maintains a positive environment.

Creating a ‘Fun’ Culture

There are countless pieces of advice on creatingimprovingchanging, and realigning your company culture. But at the most basic level, a fun, engaging company culture simply reflects great people.

“I know it sounds trite to say ‘work hard, play hard,’ but that’s exactly what we do,” Spears said.

That’s especially obvious during Arke’s annual Boat Day. This day-long outing on a Friday each June, brings together the full Arke team for a day on a houseboat at Lake Lanier in north Georgia.

Arke has a fun culture that builds camaraderie. Want to see for yourself? Watch the video below.