Ahh, A/B testing. They help us marketers and developers understand what resonates best with our respective audiences. One of the simplest tests to run in Sitecore involves updating one component with two data sources to see which version adds to the optimal use of the site. Since it’s crucial for any company’s success, Arke Consultant Carlos Rodriguez has made a series of videos on how to A/B test effectively. The first one is below — check it out.

Video 1: Creating Goals 

Goals ultimately help measure how effective an A/B test is. Once they’re are established, it may not be clear why we should test — what’s the purpose? Carlos’ second video post will focus on the why of testing and how that process can be used to optimize a website faster. The beginning of a page test demo will be shown, and the demos associated with this series continue into both the third and fourth video posts.

The demo portion of this series will focus on conducting both a page and A/B component test in Sitecore. In addition to demonstrating how to set-up and perform the test, the demos will also show how to analyze the results, which ultimately assist marketing teams with choosing the option that best optimizes a website for consumer consumption.

Enjoy, comment below with any questions, and be on the lookout for the three additional posts in the coming days.