As marketers and developers, we should know how important A/B testing is. However, if you don’t, and you use Sitecore as your CMS, keep reading — this is the perfect post for you.

Arke Consultant Carlos Rodriguez has made a series of videos on how to A/B test effectively. The second one is below — check it out. If you missed the first video, no worries; you can access it here

Video 2: Why A/B Test?

Carlos begins by explaining why we perform testing in the first place, covering how this process leads to the faster optimization of a website. Additionally, the actual testing cycle is discussed. The differences between multivariate, page and A/B testing are explained, along with the mechanisms Sitecore provides to perform testing. Finally, a Sitecore A/B page test is set up, with each step elaborated on in great detail.

We hope you enjoy this second video! Additional demos will be shown in the third and fourth posts, so stay tuned for those coming soon.