It’s time for more demos! If you’ve been following along with Arke Consultant Carlos Rodriguez’s Sitecore A/B Testing videos, this post highlights the third and fourth videos of the 4-part series. Missed the first and second videos? Access them below:

Video 1: Creating Goals

Video 2: Why A/B Test?

Carlos’s third video completes the page test demo discussion. The page test set-up is finished, and the results are analyzed based on Sitecore’s associated marketing tools. These are designed to communicate the page variations which trigger the user defined goals within the CMS most effectively.

As the video continues, the steps to perform a component-oriented A/B test are outlined. Watch it here.

The final video completes the discussion of how to set-up a Sitecore component-oriented A/B test. It then explains how to analyze the results to determine which version further optimizes the website based on feedback from participants. This “feedback” is Sitecore’s marketing analysis, which determines the variation of the component that best triggers the goals defined within the platform.

If you have any questions on A/B testing within Sitecore, feel free to reach out to Carlos at