Helping bring female MVPs together and attending conferences to network with other female Sitecore leaders from around the world. These are just some of the things a few Arke employees are doing to help get women more involved with Sitecore and in the technology sector in general.

Why, you ask?

“The percentage of women in technology is lower than the percentage of women in other industries,” said Margaret Wise, VP of Strategy at Arke.

This isn’t surprising — out of women working in tech, only 1 in 7 ends up staying in the field. And with women making up 20-25% of the workforce, this range definitely isn’t being represented.

The gap starts with fewer women pursuing STEM classes in higher education. “When I was in high school, I was seeing women excel in math and science classes, but not pursuing them in college. It was mostly men in my college (math and science) classes,” said Anastasiya Flynn, a Sitecore Architect at Arke. “Maybe they’re not seeing enough role models in these fields, so they don’t think they’re a good match for these jobs. Women are very critical of themselves, so if they are not 100% confident that they will be successful at something, that could be a challenging feeling to overcome. But these are high paying, very well-respected jobs, and they come with flexible schedules, which are great for moms. It doesn’t make sense for women not to pursue these jobs. But women need role models and someone to prepare them for the current climate.”

And that’s what both Margaret and Anastasiya are trying to be.

Margaret has been instrumental in helping bring the female global Sitecore MVPs together. The group has secured a session and panel on the upcoming Symposium agenda, focusing on the value women bring to an organization, particularly in technology. The session is titled “Elevate your career experience: Empowering women in technology” and follows the Women in Digital luncheon on 10/10 (Day 3), starting at 3:00 p.m.

“18 of the global female MVPs will be on stage together to demonstrate that there is a group of us and show the global representation of the pack. I think a lot of us on this panel think of us not just as women, but as diversity within the community,” said Margaret.

Her overall goal with bringing female global MVPs together is to raise awareness. “We want to talk about the value of women in their organizations and encourage other women in the Sitecore community to lean in and raise their hands and push for opportunities to be MVPs as well. And for organizations to encourage and sponsor female employees to be involved and shoot to be MVPs also.”

Anastasiya is actively looking for conferences to attend to meet more women working with Sitecore. She’s very involved on social media to stay digitally connected to other female Sitecore professionals around the world — mainly through Twitter. Not to mention she’ll be representing both Arke and women in technology during her development-focused speech at Symposium on 10/9, focusing on taking Sitecore projects to the next level with Node.js.

Additional details on both the Symposium female global MVP panel and Anastasiya’s presentation can be found here. To learn more about both Margaret and Anastasiya’s efforts, feel free to email them at the addresses below.

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