Digital touches to your returning and future customers can create a feeling of “being valued”, even before they walk in your front door.

Idea #1

Don’t wait till your customer walks in the front door to make them feel great. You don’t even have to wait for their actual birthday!

Let’s talk birthdays. One of my favorite biz growth consultants, Mo Bunnell, loves to talk about the ‘birthday effect’.  The one day a year you get recognized, treasured, appreciated, you get caring texts and social messages and emails and calls- it’s all about you! Does every one of your customers feel like it’s their birthday when they dine with you?

Idea #2

Give your customer an easy way to adjust a few simple settings to personalize their experience with your brand.

Personalization. There is a lot of fear around privacy, consent, regulations, permissions which are causing brands to hesitate on personalization. But you can deliver an effective level of personalization while still having the consumer feel confident and in control. Change imagery based on location or time of day. You can also let them do a few simple settings to reap the benefit of more tailored offers.

Idea #3

Make your digital front door as welcoming and easy to find as your storefront.

Freshen up your front door. And recognize that your front door is now actually your website or app. Most people do some level of checking your digital presence- for menu, price or ordering- before they take a step through your front door. Many even order from your parking lot and wait for an order in their car.

Idea #4

Follow up every visit with a simple digital message of ‘Thank you for your business.’

Say Thank You. Nothing says  I value you more than saying Thank You. Make sure your customer hears it not just inside your restaurant, but also digitally after a visit. Consumers suffer from survey fatigue, but a sincere thank you never gets old.


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