At Arke, we are admittedly big fans of technology. But we think restaurants are one place that the human touch amplifies the technology benefit.

At a recent Arke CX Summit, Michael Lage of Chick-fil-A gave the audience a great reminder of just one generation ago, restaurants struggled with the idea of adding drive thru’s. ‘How can we provide a great experience when they aren’t even getting out of their car?’ (See the Michael Lage Highlight Video)

You are providing a great experience when you provide flexibility and choices to your customers- how they want to interact with your brand at each interaction. That same mom who runs through the drive thru in the morning wanting a 30 sec drive thru experience can be the same customer that comes in  the evening for her kids to play on the playground during the ‘witching hour’ (any mom knows).

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Some customers might want to order on an app but look forward to a friendly greeting when their order is handed to them. Another customer might appreciate seeing the menu in large font on a tablet or kiosk where they can take their time but ask for help at any moment.

Still questioning if you can provide a great experience with a strong digital element? Consider McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook speaking about doubling down on their technology commitment (Source).

“Be the disrupter or the disrupted” 

One in seven consumers name that particular brand as the most innovative in the fast food industry, it appears that McDonald’s efforts are not only translating well to customers, but actually paying off in real dollars. In fact, since adding ordering kiosks to nearly 2,500 U.S. McDonald’s restaurants and beginning the roll out of digital ordering in 3,500 U.S. locations, the chain’s market has grown 5 percent, while it’s also reported stronger than predicted Q2 domestic sales growth. See how other QSR Brands stack up in the The Harris Poll EquiTrend Brands of the Year.

Drive through didn’t kill a great experience, apps didn’t, kiosks didn’t and even robots won’t as long as you always remember you are humans serving humans. And all humans love choices.

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