Catering can be a lucrative source of new revenue as well as a source for customer insight.

Catering is a great service offering to promote across your website and mobile app but can also hold a much greater value in other areas like new customer acquisition, new product/service testing and building an overall brand experience that elevates your brand.

One of our clients experienced a 470% increase in breakfast catering revenue when they started promoting catering on their website. It’s a good way to test campaigns and is less vulnerable to the argument of ‘digital’ is just pushing dollars around. Catering is often attributed as additive revenue in the digital channel.

To learn more about how we helped drive catering revenues for a leading QSR; contact us here. We’ll be happy to discuss this case study in more detail and guide you through the steps to reaching your business goals too.

Catering is a hybrid of digital and in-person experience. The combination offers you many ways to gain other valuable insights:

Test New Products/Services: Use catering to test ideas (delivery, packaging etc.) and new products. You can quickly get diverse feedback from a single consumer experience.

Drive Revenue: Catering extends your brand to new potential customers and revenue. Catering creates a revenue tail by introducing your brand and/or new menu options to new audiences. You should consider catering its own lead and revenue source!

Create Immersive Brand Experiences: A great catering experience can be a driver for your entire brand experience. How well does your team helps set up, provides adequate amenities, enters and leaves a business/event quietly– all of these speak to the care and attention you provide to your customers and will elevate preference for your brand and the products and services you offer.

Deliver the Experience–Gain Loyalty: Catering is immune to 3rd party and last mile delivery issues. Customers will engage directly with the brand for catering and QSRs/FCRs will either provide the catered products directly to the customer in-store or deliver directly to the event location. The benefit is you own the entire catering experience. Because you ‘own’ the experience you have the ability to capture more of your audience with branded amenities, build more brand loyalty with timely, superior service and create more meaningful personal relationships driving frequency of reorders.

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