Arke has been working with companies to improve digital customer experiences for over 15 years. During that time, we’ve had a front seat to the frustrations of brands, of whom 95% believe digital isn’t meeting expectations. (source: Bain|Digital 360). Our passion is helping clients use digital marketing to make positive improvements in their customer experiences and business outcomes. As a digital marketing services consultancy, our technology roots lead us to embrace data to power our recommendations. Ever aware of the siren call of shiny new objects, we stay hyper focused on the tools and data that deliver actionable insights that can be used to help us guide our clients to improving their highest priority KPIs.

“It’s been an insightful journey with FullStory. We can see, analyze and adjust our own digital experiences 5X faster than ever before. Amazing!”

Margaret Wise
Chief Revenue Officer,

There are 3 major phases that our clients
cycle in and out of during the client lifecycle.


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We have various tools in our resource shed that we consistently leverage to help us base our strategy and recommendations on quantifiable data. Some of those tools include data around site speed/load performance. Some are collecting data points on traffic, visitor demographics, bounces, etc. Some are tracking on compliance and accessibility violations. One of our favorite tools, FullStory, gives us insights valuable at each major phase.

In the Education/Immersion/ Roadmap stage- we start by installing FullStory and creating initial analysis of the current digital experience. This helps us understand how customers are most heavily leveraging the site and where any frustration points may exist. This helps provide initial framework for our voice of the customer research and UI/UX analysis.

As we move into the Implementation phase, we use FullStory to give us real time insights that allow us to accelerate our Test, Learn and Iterate cycles. We help our clients implement Agile Marketing Processes and rapid cycles are imperative to getting immediate feedback to changes implemented.

For Insights and Optimization, we focus on FullStory Conversions that give us clear conversion impact analysis on demand. Most organizations that we work with are challenged to ensure they are getting the most out of their martech and fully leveraging the digital tools in which they’ve invested.

Watch the webinar and hear how Kevin Carfa, Corporate Director of Digital Commerce at Omni Hotels & Resorts enhanced CX through Arke’s Test, Learn and Iterate workflow.

Digital revenue attribution is the core metric most marketers are working to achieve. Arke creates KPIs for each lifecycle stage to ensure we are demonstrating attribution and marketing successes at each stage. Leveraging tools that create baseline benchmarks and real time insights are key to us helping our clients make key marketing and campaign decisions.

For example with our client, Omni Hotels, these are a few optimizations they were able to make within the first 90 days of learnings and the results they’ve realized.

  • Added a “spinner” after pushing our BOOK button to reduce the rage click- reducing abandon rates
  • Prioritized mobile booker optimization, after pulling funnel data from FullStory- increasing bookings online
  • Confirmed caching issues faced by super-users and those in UAT were not impacting true customers- saving valuable time in testing to production cycles
  • Dead Clicks allowed web content team to replace expired content.
  • Customer Service Assistance
    • User does not recall resetting password, able to re-watch session and validate activity leading up to reset
    • Real-time troubleshooting with a travel agent who was having trouble booking online.

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