Many businesses are suffering and will not survive the downturn resulting from quarantine periods. But other businesses will take off and new ones will emerge. CX might morph from being Customer Experience to Control and Convenience Experiences. Here are a few areas that will boom by giving customers more control over their personal wellness moving forward.


Goods and Services Related to Public Health

Public health will emerge as one of the fastest growing market segments.

This will include services related to helping places become better equipped for daily wellness and in case of emergency.

Potential emerging businesses:

  • Public Wellness Consulting services
  • Disaster recovery in form of public health disasters
  • Certifications for public health for shared spaces, ratings similar to LEED building certifications

Potential emerging products:

  • Air purifications solutions- possibly even personal air protection pod enclosures
  • Disposable covers- for seats, tables, cars (Uber), public transportation, sneeze guards
  • Sanitation travel kits- wipes, utensils, covers, disinfectant, etc
  • Physical distancing assists- floor decals, partitions and dividers


Streaming Services Go Mainstream

Now that we’ve experienced mass quarantine, there is no reason to expect it won’t happen again. Maybe not, but a precedent has been set. Businesses have quickly adopted video meetings. Education quickly pivoted to online learning. Other businesses are requiring more investment to prepare for this shift, but as consumers adopt in one area, they’ll soon expect it everywhere. Here are a couple of examples.

Fitness services– Many larger chains made online classes available for free or discounted subscriptions. Peloton’s business model became mainstream overnight. Even small studios will need to offer a multi-channel experience, just like other retailers.

Virtual Medical Services – Telemedicine has slowly gained traction over the last years and will continue to accelerate. Related to this, Medical Devices manufacturing will soar. Routine medical checks will decentralize to homes, pharmacies and micro-clinics.

Worship Centers – Places of worship offer many community gathering opportunities from weddings, funerals, graduations in addition to services. While mega churches have streamed for years, smaller communities will begin to adopt this for all types of gatherings in addition to worship services.

Real Estate – Virtual tours are getting adopted incredibly quickly by agents across the nation. We’ll see this across apartments and commercial real estate and see tours combined with tours of surroundings and local community as well. This just makes sense in terms of saving time and money- we’ll just see this accelerated.

Large Equipment – Cars, Machinery, Recreational/Sports Vehicles will all quickly make video content an anchor to all stages of their Customer Journey. Virtual and streaming work well for all stages- Awareness, Research, Nurture, Conversion and Advocacy stages.  Smart companies will adopt content strategies, so they are aligning the right type of imagery to the right stages based on buyer indicators. This continues to put more control into the buyer journey and smart companies will embrace this.


Wellness Partnerships

Along the lines of Public Health, Wellness will continue to grow as an industry segment. We will see an explosion of collaboration and partnerships in this area. Some industries have started exploring this (think yoga mats in your hotel room), but it will take off on many levels.

We’ll see a proliferation of meditation apps available – perhaps available through your travel provider to create a more stress free travel experience, perhaps through your medical provider to calm anxiety in a waiting room or waiting for lab results, perhaps from your employer at times of peak stress.  White labeled meditation apps could become the next value add that providers offer consumers in a variety of industries.

Many people are already comfortable with their daily physical activity being tracked by their watch. Integrating this data into other apps could take off to create more well rounded and valuable wellness experiences. We could receive analytics reports that provide insights on the most stressful experiences we have. And if that metadata is shared across apps, it could lead to minimizing friction points that we didn’t even realize were causing us stress. Imagine if our health tracker connected to Waze to advise us to leave work early on a day that had been very stressful to avoid traffic and therefore stay within target stress ranges. Or if our watch told us to order decaf Starbucks because our heart rate was too high that day. We are only integrations away from more proactive and holistic health management.


Nesting Becomes More Comfortable

Recognizing how quickly we could all be ordered to shelter-in-place, people will have a new lens to view their living space. Solutions that will prosper include multi-functional furniture and furniture that transitions and stores well. Google ‘folding furniture’ for great examples.

Devices that help us stay connected visually
with others from within our homes will likely be hot sellers this holiday season, if not sooner. Amazon Echo Show debuted last year and will likely be popular this holiday season.

Home improvement projects will take priority in discretionary budgets-possibly families reallocating travel budgets to home office improvements, home gym improvements and kitchen improvements.

Subscription delivery services/boxes will create the experience of shopping and discovery right in our own living rooms. These may be slow to recover in a recession, but the leaders will become more popular for those that do have disposable income.


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