Arke’s Chief Marketing Technologist, Chris Spears joins Andrew Dietz (ATLANTA INNO) and dozens of Atlanta’s most influential Marketing Technology professionals to share their perspective on both ‘the marketing of innovation’ and ‘the innovation of marketing’. In this two part series ‘How fast can Atlanta’s MarTech flywheel spin?‘ Andrew articulates how Atlanta became a MarTech center and how it can continue its growth in the future.

“As one of the fastest-growing cities in the marketing field, Atlanta, GA averages about 1,000 advertising and marketing jobs available at any given time that generally command a competitive salary.”

In Part 1, Andrew paints a vivid picture of how Atlanta has become a significant marketing/sales hub and how it organically has become the #1 city for sales managers in the US.  He explains clearly what buyers are looking for and what makes them hesitant.

In Part 2, Andrew winds up his series talking with MarTech customers, category creators, capital providers, catalysts and consultants (including Arke CMTO Chris Spears) to craft a informed perspective on what it will take for Atlanta’s MarTech Community to continue to prosper and how they can grow to the next level.

Part 1: How fast can Atlanta’s MarTech flywheel spin? -August 6, 2020
Part 2: How fast can Atlanta’s MarTech flywheel spin? -August 13, 2020

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