Content and visualization have never been more important than it is right now. The good news is engagement with digital and social is high and brands have an opportunity to create connections and loyalty in new channels. Digital adoption has accelerated in 2020 and the benefits to suppliers and consumers mean it is here to stay. As a supplier, this is the moment to eliminate the silo of digital marketing and create an integrated content machine.

Content with a Purpose- Most marketing organizations have some concept of a customer journey at this point. The next crucial step is to align content to that journey. At a minimum, content should be aligned to the top stages of a content journey- research, validation, conversion and post purchase. A DAM solution can help you keep content organized around journey stages and more easily identify gaps and align content analytics.

eMarketer’s survey last year speaks to the fact that marketers plan content according to the intended stages.

  • Content is everyone’s responsibility- Valuable content is generated from multiple teams within an organization. As you are aligning content to a customer journey, content authoring is best supplied from the relevant support department. Marketing provides competitive and brand positioning. Engineering provides product spec sheets. Customer Support can provide info in increasing consumption and success. Soliciting, editing, scheduling and publishing content from multiple authors, particularly across multiple geographies, is easily managed within a DAM solution.
  • Brand consistency- Use technology to become your ‘brand police’. As digital becomes even more prominent in client interactions across website, mobile, kiosks, etc. it’s imperative to create a consistent experience. Marketers need to be able to control headers, footers, logos, type, colors, approve imagery and more to ensure brand integrity is maintained across touchpoints.
  • Legal and Diversity Compliance- Marketing isn’t the only group that needs some control over brand consistency. Legal, HR and Diversity offices also need assurance that rogue content and images aren’t popping up out of compliance with company positions. If you hired a Data Privacy Officer, as Harvard Business Review predicts many companies will. Would you be able to quickly include them in your content production process?
  • Personalization of content- Localization of content/photography
    According to one of my favorite analysts, Brendan Witcher of Forrester, 89% of businesses are investing in personalization. Forbe’s Blake Morgan seems to agree. She backs up Brendan with 50 Stats Showing The Power Of Personalization.

The biggest barrier to personalization for many organizations is not the technology to enable it. The biggest barrier is typically lacking the content and imagery to differentiate one persona journey from another. As your content begins to proliferate, a DAM solution is a necessity to operationalize larger volumes of content management.

80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences. – Epsilon

Investing in a DAM solution can be an interim solution to investing in an expensive CMS with complex content management built in. In a time when most companies are uncomfortable with committing to the change and cost of a new CMS platform, investing in a DAM solution is a great option. You’ll get the benefits and security of growing and operationalizing your content marketing, in an agile and affordable system.

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