Eric Stoll

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Stoll is co-founder and CEO at Arke with responsibility for creating the strategic direction of the company, executing on its growth plans, and overseeing operations.

He co-founded Arke in 2005 with Chris Spears, now the company’s CMTO.

Eric’s vision for Arke includes doubling revenue in the next 2 years, increasing its strategy team, and growing its reputation for marketing technology education.  /  Eric’s Thinking  Connect with Eric on LinkedIn

Chris Spears

Chief Marketing Technology Officer

Chris Spears is co-founder and chief marketing technology officer (CMTO) at Arke, as well as a Sitecore MVP.

As CMTO, he leads initial consulting efforts with clients to help them understand journey mapping and how the various journeys establish the foundation of their brand experience. As part of the leadership team at Arke, he also reviews and assesses new technology platforms, strategies, methodologies, and tangential partners — which all helps Arke better support its clients.   /  Chris’s Thinking  Connect with Chris on LinkedIn

Arke leaders are a different breed. They’re experts in their respective disciplines, but technology generalists as well. Scratch the surface and you’ll find a string of shiny credentials. Distinctions like Sitecore MVP and experience with blue chip companies weave a common thread.

We connect the dots to see the big digital picture

What makes us unique is more than glittering resumes and impressive titles. It’s the shared courage to think holistically about every client we serve.


Margaret Wise

Chief Revenue Officer

Margaret Wise is CRO at Arke where she manages the companies key relationships and events to facilitate its continued growth. She’s also a Sitecore Strategy MVP. /  Margaret’s Thinking  Connect with Margaret on LinkedIn

Andy Uzick

VP, Martech Innovation

Andy Uzick is VP of MarTech Innovation at Arke and a Sitecore MVP.

In fact, he was in the first class of Sitecore Technology MVPs and has the longest standing MVP recognition in North America.  /  Andy’s Thinking  Connect with Andy on LinkedIn

Jack Macko

Chief Operating Officer

Having joined Arke in 2011 as the company’s Vice President of Delivery, Jack now has expanded his role as Chief Operating Officer.

Jack Macko is responsible for keeping the company’s growing list of projects on track. In this, he is charged with overseeing operations, client services, and the professional services side of the company’s business.  /  Jack’s Thinking  Connect with Jack on LinkedIn

Patrick Perrone

VP, Development

Patrick Perrone is the VP of Development at Arke and a Sitecore MVP. Throughout his career, he has aimed to understand business problems and help clients find innovative, effective, cost efficient, scalable, and quality solutions.   Connect with Patrick on LinkedIn

Leah Bendig

VP, Finance and HR

Leah Bendig is VP of Finance and Human Resources at Arke, where she directs and oversees all aspects of the company’s HR, finance, and accounting functions. She brings a technical knowledge and detail oriented perspective to the position, which requires her to evaluate strategic goals and prepare budgets and forecasts.   Connect with Leah on LinkedIn

Stan Friedman

President, FRM

Stan Friedman is a 24-year franchising veteran.  Always an “outside the box” thinker, in 1998 while directing Global Franchise Development for Blimpie International, he created an Urban Expansion initiative that was heralded by the media as well as leaders of both the public and private sectors.  / Stan’s Podcast  Connect with Stan on LinkedIn

Mike Winburn


Mike Winburn’s history with Arke spans several years, as he and Chris Spears attended Georgia Tech together, studying computer science. Later, they worked together at Harry Norman Realtors and TBS, so it comes as no surprise that when Arke needed an expert in building custom BI platforms for company intranets, they approached Mike.  /  Mike’s Thinking  Connect with Mike on LinkedIn

our team leads

Brian Denny
Brian DennySenior Business Analyst
Kirsten Stimmel
Kirsten StimmelDirector of Strategy
John Sandy
John SandyManager, Support