Arke Data Analytics

A more intentional approach to data.

Our data analytics practice has a very clear purpose— to serve, support, and help guide key business initiatives with performance data, reporting, and informed insights so leaders can confidently make better business decisions.


Measure the right data — impact digital performance and your ROI.

Everyone is talking about how they leverage data. Yet for most, it does nothing unless you purposefully measure the right data and align it to the right business goals or initiatives. We dig deep to excavate the data points that are truly meaningful to the performance of your business. Then, through consistent monitoring, our analysts start to see the tell-tale patterns in your customer, marketing, and experience data. These patterns yield insights that drive optimization efforts, experimentation, and help leaders make informed decisions to transform your enterprise.

Better insights start with a better measurement system
Our analysts take great care when designing a measurement system that is aligned to business performance. It’s foundational to achieving confidence in your data and building trust with the people that rely on it most; your leadership. We meticulously work with your stakeholders to set up an intentional, intelligent system that serves as a clear measure of your current business performance and your future success.

How we do this
The importance of your measurement system is not taken lightly. It begins with our MSAA (Measurement Systems Alignment Audit). By utilizing this audit framework we can accurately assess the importance of your data, its alignment to business initiatives and goals, and the need for expansion due to misalignment or growth. Our learnings are then embedded into everything we imagine, recommend, and build so they can be measured, and optimized for performance and value now and in the future. Practice areas like XD, UX, Design, Content, SEO, DevOps, and Program Management, all get positively impacted by an aligned measurement system.

We believe “What gets measured gets done”. This approach provides focus, confidence, and the results digital brands need to flourish.


Arke analysts can help you

Audit, design, build, monitor, and maintain your custom measurement system and its critical platforms.

Improve the focus, performance, and value of all your digital investments.

Design data-driven experimentation and optimization initiatives that enhance marketing performance, increase conversions and reduce churn.

Deliver data visualization and reporting to help you understand where your customers are coming from, where they’re going, and how to effectively engage with them along the way.


Transform your business analytics

Our clients aren’t just companies who use our data analytics service by default. They’re smart, intentional, and ambitious people who want to produce more clarity and insight before making key decisions. Digital leaders understand the need to experiment, measure, and optimize their marketing efforts to create more value and advocacy for the digital platforms they invest in.

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