D.R. Horton

Leading America’s Largest Homebuilders Through a Custom Design Build

Building the ideal home requires knowing how its owners want to use its spaces. Delivering experiences is no different.

D.R. Horton offers new home buyers unprecedented quality and value. But the search functionality of its website was selling users short. Results were strictly limited by user input limiting their ability to realize intent and customer motivators. Plus, numerous landing pages created a daunting click path.

  • Provide experience design oversight
  • Create a more robust search experience
  • Create an enhanced editorial experience

“Since D.R. Horton broke ground as a company, its daily operations have never wavered from a value-first dedication to the individual needs of every one of the nation’s homebuyers.”

Our Approach

Inspired by D.R. Hortons dedication to their customers Arke knew we could provide the same quality of strategic guidance, creative and experience design oversight to DRHs internal teams and ensure the website lives up to its full potential. The engagement provided three critical phases: Persona and journey mapping, content support to increase demand generation and reimagining the homebuyers search experience including information architecture.

Searching for the perfect home should not be a bad experience.

With so many new properties and communities within large metro areas D.R. Horton wanted to be able to spotlight a broader selection of available homes that could fit a home buyers search criteria. Arke was able to customize Coveo search results to showcase communities and properties that a buyer might not have realized existed.

Key areas of optimization

  • Custom Search Experience

  • Homepage Optimization

  • Family of Brands Landing Page

  • Brand Community Landing Page

By starting with customer data, Arke was able to understand how visitors used the site and the progression of decision points in their buying journey. Prioritizing the highest value interaction points Arke optimized the experiences to provide more direct access to conversion points in the customer journey. Arke also consulted and provided direction and recommendations to D.R. Hortons internal designers to refine the visual design system.

Design that creates trust.

The visual design system needed to reflect the D.R. Horton Lifestyle to its customers. It was important to the client for the pages to feel warm and inviting and to support a broader brand strategy of using D.R. Horton customer testimonials and the stellar reputation of the brand to build trust across the site.

Help customers find what they didn't know they wanted.

The steps and processes to buy a home can be very complex. So many needs and wants go into finding that perfect forever home. D.R. Horton asked Arke to work out the steps to help make it easier at every stage of the buying journey, giving site visitors quick access to all the critical information and tools to make the best choices for their needs. 

For the already successful brand we custom built search experiences to remove friction in the buying journey.

Redesign of the visual design supported the brand strategy of spotlighting the experiences of the D.R. Horton customer

Arke Client Partner Roadmap

The newly enhanced search experience yielded an increase in user time on site and broadened the number of homes and communities users reviewed

Google Analytics

With Arke’s new design and search functionality in place, the client launched its new website effortlessly, on-time and on-budget.

Arke DevOps Roadmap

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